We are the #1 Global website that builds a sales force of commissioned based distributors for multiple Small to Medium Enterprises- manufacturers to bring their products direct to retail stores.

Opening new markets for manufacturers & empowering the common man to start a business

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MicroEntrepreneur.me and Innovate Limited HK

Our parent corporation, Innovate Limited is registered in Hong Kong. The company is committed to being socially responsible.


Helps manufacturers to distribute products:

  • The website is a wholesale marketplace.
  • We recruit educated youth to become distributors.
  • Our distributors are recruited nationally to create a national market for manufacturers.

Simplifies the creation of a business that's direct to retail shops:

  • We have removed the high costs of starting a business.
  • Our website takes care of all the financial issues.
  • Distributors does not need to purchase and store products.
  • Distributors work description is to:
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  • Develop Relationships with retailers and assist them to purchase.
  • Once a week delivery of products direct to retail shops.
  • Receive your commission once retailers have accepted their products.

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Become our Manufacturer Partner!

What is like to have your products all over your country?

We recruit distributors nationally.

Our distributors live urban and rural areas.

We train and manage the distributors for you.

We consolidate multiple orders from retailers and send you:

  • Management Report
  • Accounting Report
  • Shipping Order


We assist you to build your wholesale page on our website:

  • We help you build product knowledge database.
  • We recommend videos for DIY and/or how to use the product.
  • We help you manage your online store.


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What you need to do as Manufacturer:

  • Sign up and create your wholesale online store.
  • Add product knowledge and specifications for your product.
  • Add videos to educate the distributors, retailers and users.


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Start your own business as a Distributor!

Get your distribution Route; work for yourself, build your own business!

We developed this Distribution system to make it easy for you to start your own business now!

  • We've removed all the accounting to the website under our management.
  • We've removed the process of taking orders from retailers to the website.
  • We've removed the need for a warehouse and warehouse staff.
  • We handle the shipping with the Manufacturer.


What you need to do as a distributor:

  • Start now by signing up.
  • Tell us where you want to develop your business.
  • We've removed the need for a warehouse and warehouse staff.
  • Choose the Manufacturers that you wish to work with, we have already developed relationships with many manufacturers.


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Develop relationships with Retailers who would benefit from selling the products from your manufacturers and help them purchase a minimum order.

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Are you a Retail Shop owner?

Get new products, get new customers, increase your profit!

Do you have a Retail Shop, small or big, and want to improve it? Or you even don't have one and you are thinking about open up your own business? MicroEntrepreneur.me came up with a solution!

We have the products your customers need!

MicroEntrepreneur.me works with a national level Manufacturers.

We have built a network of distributors that can reach your Retail shop.

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Sign Up Now to find distributors in your neighborhood, county or village, or simply talk to us for more details!

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